Catherine Marsh - Young Associate Composer

Heya, I'm Catherine - or sometimes Erin just to confuse people. At the weekend you'll find me either camping in a muddy field or singing in a church, but generally not both at the same time. I love to play with the way sound and music are both controlled listened to - whether that's stealing the acoustic of a space and applying it to different recordings, or turning a videogame controller into a musical instrument - and hope to mess around with these things in both theatre and radio in the future. I'm so excited to be working with 404 Productions and making some strange but (hopefully) wonderful bleeps and bloops.

Kayleigh Benham - Young Associate Writer

Hi, I’m Kayleigh! I love dogs, activism, writing and theatre (in no particular order). I’m an aspiring playwright and creative writer and would love to try slam poetry some day. Working with 404 Productions as a Young Associate is a huge kick start to what I hope will be a long, weird and wonderful career in creative writing.

Aidan Cooper - Young Associate Composer

Heyo, I’m Aidan. I’m a huge fan of music, both listening to it and making it. I’m fascinated by how completely different sounds can go together to create something beautiful and using synths and samples to create something that would be at home either in the 1980s or the 3000s. I’ve been acting for over 10 years with some of my closest friends at my youth theatre which has truly shaped me into the person I am today. I also love film; being able to escape by shooting off on adventures with the characters on screen is a thrill. Beyond creative passions, I also have a huge interest in astronomy, board games and trains.

Hannah-May Coull - Young Associate Performer

Heya, my is name Hannah! I’m a lover of dogs, being creative, testing out makeup products and a good cup of tea. I love using theatre, film and photography to create things that can provide people with some escapism; and I can't wait to be able to do this with 404 Productions. My ambition is to be able to work within the creative industry or within the care sector, or maybe finding a way to do both.

Indi Morrison - Young Associate Tech

Hello, I'm India! Having spent a huge part of my life growing up in a theatre environment, I am honoured to be part of 404 Productions. Theatre, film, and photography are an enormous passion of mine, and I can't wait to create and tell wonderful stories with an equally wonderful team. Big lover of music, animals, and video games. Also a meme enthusiast.

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