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It is just over four weeks until we open #404ChristmasCarol and as we count down to opening night, the lovely Elle is writing up some blogs on each rehearsal from the cast's perspective! We have her first post here for you now, so grab a cuppa, have a read, and if you haven't already - Book your tickets!

This week was rather busy. We went through all of the songs separately, before running through the entire show for the first time.

To begin with, after the always interesting (and competitive) warm-up games, we choreographed the last song. And to say the least, it was active. Lily and Kelly had obviously worked hard on perfecting this energetic dance, which looks very eloquent went pulled off in unison by the whole cast.

After running through that several times, we were worn out, so we went for lunch. I always enjoy lunchtimes here, since it's a great opportunity to get to know everyone better.

James, meanwhile, had been working hard on the costumes for the last few weeks. I haven't seen them all, but the few that I have seen possess an authentically Dickensian feel, which will definitely contribute to the show's immersion.

Back in the studio, we were preparing to run through the whole show. This was the last week that we were allowed our scripts, and I, being me, had forgotten mine. Kelly, of course, had learned all of her lines weeks ago; she's amazingly dedicated.

But with Lily as director, I think our nerves were all calmed, and we ran through the show. As usual, Joe's performances as young Scrooge and Bob Cratchit were very heartfelt, and Chloe was phenomenal as Belle. Aidan's ability to show the changing Scrooge was really noticeable to me, and I almost cried at his distress over Tiny Tim.

As Lily put it afterwards, "we have a show now". It's great to see the show coming together, and now without scripts, we can begin to fine tune everything for a magical Christmas treat.

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