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Hello there! As #404ChristmasCarol preparations continue, here is Elle's latest rehearsal blog... Enjoy!

Three weeks until the show, and now we were off scripts. Last week we ran through the entire show, and I was intrigued by what lay in store for us this time. After some warm-ups, which felt even more active than usual, we began on some character work.

Us ghostly folk went downstairs with James, in order to practice becoming our different characters, with the different postures, walking styles and ways of interacting with the world. I found it succinctly serene to sink myself into the backstory of a character, to unpick what made them who they were, outside of what we see in the play. Macy's portrayal of Marley was particularly impressive, it was clear that she was thinking about what those "manacles forged in life" really were.

Though I missed most of what the Dead Haunted crew were practicing in that time, we came back as they were running through the first scene, and it was very smooth. Lucy was perfectly in character as Ida, with Kelly and Aidan's characters showing the passion in their argument to just the right degree.

After running through the finale song once again, Dan came over to help us perform some vocal exercises. It really was lovely for him to have more of an active role this week.

404 are definitely a close-knit family, and so as a new person, it's always been nice to experience the little things where everyone's working and having fun together.

This was emphasised further when, in order for us to maintain the jovial emotions of Fred's Christmas day party, Dan got us all to join in for a game of charades, in what was truly one of the happiest, most convivial experiences of my life.

He also created a new, and far more dynamic choreography for Marley's scene, with much more movement of Marley's chains as they envelope Scrooge.

As we smooth out the rough edges and project our voices, the show starts to feel much more professional, and it can only get better from here on out.

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