The spirit of the story can be summoned, can be called

December 3, 2019

December was now upon us as we continued the process of smoothing out the show. Today would be our first run through without scripts, but first we'd be once again perfecting the songs, in terms of both singing and staging. As Aidan put it, "first we'll try without doing stuff and then whilst doing stuff."


During this run-through, we found that the second song, 'Spirit Of The Story' was particularly slow, and so we've now made it around twice as fast, resulting in a terrific melody that'll make you want to dance along. 


I'd never seen Aidan's song-teaching side before, but he truly is multi-talented as he made sure we had the pitches right. Dan even remarked that our voices were fitting together nicely.


Meanwhile, James had been working hard on The Ghost Of Christmas Yet To Come, who now had eyes, and Marley's coat was now a rather Victorian green. Yet To Come id nearly complete now, just needing its signature cloak.


After a healthy lunch (well, some healthier than others), we returned for our first run-through without scripts. Act one began in earnest, and with our lines learnt, we were better able to stay in character. Rose's ghost of Christmas Past, and Molly's Fezziwig both stood out to me as they both embraced the freedom of not having a script.


In the second act, Izzy's role as Mrs Cratchit was beautiful, with her motherly nature shining through in her distress over Tiny Tim. Just as Aidan did a couple of weeks ago, she almost brought tears to my eyes.


As Christmas encroaches on us, the show dazzles evermore, for what is sure to be a very happy holidays.

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