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It was a dark and chilly 5pm when I arrived in Eastleigh for our first weekday evening rehearsal. Entering back into the world of 404 is always a magical experience, and the evening atmosphere really brought that out.

For our warm up, we played a new game, the key game, in which everyone sits in a circle, with a key under someone's chair. That person must keep their eyes closed and attempt to point towards someone who has been chosen to sneakily move around the circle and take the key.

As with all of the games, it got quite competitive. Kelly was astoundingly silent as she retrieved the key, and Izzy caught me out when Aidan tapped his foot to put her off, without realising that I was actually right behind him.

That aside, we spent the evening on character study, which turned out to be hilarious. We made a park bench scene, where we would interject ourselves, in character, into the situation and just see what happened. The Dead Haunted Crew played off of each other so well, as Lucy's Ida looked around for something that was missing, all whilst trying to make sure Aidan's Jason didn't find out. Another moment was when Izzy came over as Mrs Cratchit to ask if anyone had seen Tiny Tim. She even did an impression of his limp "he kind've walks like this," which cracked us all up.

We then also went through a daily routine as our character, with Lily directing what was happening to us, and it was up to us to respond in character. Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come probably wasn't the best choice of character for this, I realised as Lily instructed us to leave our houses to go to our place of work.

Then there was the hot seat, where characters took turns to be asked questions by us. Aidan's snarky replies as Scrooge, and Kelly's amazingly detailed realism as Jodie really made it a worthwhile activity.

Following on the theme of placing our characters in situations they would never end up in, Lily decided to set up a sort of dating game show, where one character would be asking three others questions in order to find out who they would choose. As you can imagine, it was very funny.

Though it was only a four hour rehearsal, there was so much to talk about. Every time brings with it something new and exciting, and I just can't wait for the show, can you?

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