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Hello and thank you for booking a ticket to see The Snow Queen. Your support in this very difficult time is so hugely appreciated by every single one of us.

This production has come together through the incredible hard work of all the people involved and even though a second lockdown stopped us from rehearsing we all came together, redoubled our efforts and made the show in just over a week. I am so incredibly proud of everyone's achievements and I hope the joy we have felt in bringing this magical adventure to life comes across and that you enjoy it just as much.


Below are a load of activities that have been put together by our wonderful writer Matt Beames and our young writer Elle Rooney, short stories you can read giving you more back story to the world of The Snow Queen and two audio plays to enjoy. There is also a printable activity sheet, production trailers and bios of the cast and creative team, so please enjoy further exploring the world we have created.

At the end of what has been a challenging year for everyone, we hope that the escapism that comes from being lost in a story will bring you some comfort and joy, so pop your headphones on and let's escape together into your imagination.

Daniel Hill - Director

Teaser Trailer
Pre Lockdown Rehearsal Trailer

Aidan Cooper

Lily Coull

Charlie Essex

Lucy Parkinson

Molly Smith

Rose Smith

Directed by

Set and Costume Design

Music and Sound Design

Lighting Design by

Stage Managers



Design Assistant

Assistant Composer 

Assistant producer

Young Writer

Live-Stream Tech

Live-Stream Directed by 

Camera Operators

Produced By 

Rune, Storyteller

Huginn, Erika, Storyteller

Kai, Storyteller


Enchantress, Skaði, Storyteller

Snow Queen, Edda, Storyteller

Daniel Hill

James Henderson

David Lewington

Indi Morrison

Kelly Lobban & Lara Clements

Trudie Cooper

Jodie Morrison

Issy Buchanan

Hannah Parsons

Macie Partridge

Elle Rooney


James Henderson

Josh Brierley

Chloe Gordon

Daniel Hill & Lily Coull




Hunters by Matt Beames

Skaði, jotunn goddess, arrives on the borders of the Snow Queen's realm in time to aid Harald, a huntsman lost in a blizzard...

Reunion by Elle Rooney

Huginn meets up with Munin to boast of his adventures with Gerda, only to discover that Munin has had adventures of his own...

Hunters by Matt Beames
Reunion by Elle Rooney

Northern Lights

Matt Beames, writer of The Snow Queen, explores some of the tales and myth that surround the mysterious and magical phenomena, the Aurora Borealis

The Maiden of Finnmark - Elle Rooney

In the winter evening, a younger Gerda and Kai sit by the fire, as Gerda's grandmother tells tells them another tale...


Find the words and help Rune de-code a note from Edda with this printable Activity Sheet

Matt Beames gives some insight into his

process for adapting fantasy for the stage

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