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Suspended in a Sunbeam is a compelling and socially conscious story exploring exploitation and the fragile balance between love and control in a modern relationship.


When Kay and George meet at a party, their lives are catapulted into disarray and Kay’s perspective on life and what it means to be free is changed for good. Exploring the complexity of relationships in an equally complex world, Suspended in a Sunbeam is a story about love lost and won, living versus existing and finding hope in hopelessness.

This film was designed to be used as an educational tool to support the teaching of Child Sexual Exploitation in formal and informal education and community support settings and comes with a resource pack which you can download HERE



Written and Directed by Daniel Hill

Director of Photography James Henderson

VFX Supervisor Lily Coull


Cast includes: Leah Reeves, Chris Levens, Lauren Birch, Hannah-May Coull, Niall Reeves, Jo Nash, Matt Beames

For full Cast and Crew information vist the productions IMDB page HERE