The 404 Collective is a group of passionate theatre and film makers dedicated to telling the best stories by creating honest collaborative experiences that transport audiences whilst nurturing creative young people by incorporating them equally into every part of our creative practice.


We aim to:

  • Make exciting, engaging and meaningful theatre and film productions.

  • Nurture young talent by incorporating young people into all our creative processes.

  • Work with creative professionals to mentor and collaborate with young people.

  • Work openly, honestly and collaboratively at all times.

  • Use digital technology to communicate, create and enhance our work.

  • Make work that reflects and celebrates the diversity of the world we live in.

  • Encourage learning, discovery and debate by asking questions through our work.


Stories are Important!


Our lives have been transformed for the better by stories, whether hearing them or sharing them, and we believe that they can be an incredibly powerful tool for growth and change. The 404 Collective want to help transform lives through positive creative experiences by telling tales that make you laugh, that make you cry, that make you think and make you fly.


Collaborative Mentors


A key part of our working practice is putting young people alongside professional creatives who act as mentors as well as collaborators, treating them as equals throughout the creative process. Those engaged with our projects gain a unique learning experience by being part of a professional creative team, contributing directly to the project whilst benefiting from one to one mentorship from our company Associates.


The process of making professional artists mentors and well as collaborators also aids in the quality of our final productions, as it forces professionals to look harder at their own practice, ask more questions of themselves and more openly and clearly justify their creative choices and discoveries. There is learning and growth on both sides of this mentoring relationship, and all participants benefit as a result.


Creative Environments


We work in open and supportive creative environments allowing performers, participants and contributors to freely express themselves and safely fail, generating meaningful and powerful results. Our productions are created through collaborative play, focused on making the process as important as the product, helping to improve the end results.


We know that to be able to make art is a huge privilege and we always strive to make it an open, nurturing and rewarding experience for all involved, allowing for the most creative outcomes.  No project is more important than the people involved in making it. We tell stories with honesty and truth at their heart; no matter how hard the subject or critical the outcome, we want to create work collaboratively that encourages all to be able to join in or experience our work irrespective of race, gender or background.


404 Manifesto


We tell stories because we believe in them, we tell stories because we love to tell them. We embrace failure and let it fuel success, we believe in young people's abilities to achieve at the highest level, we nurture their growth by providing them with meaningful opportunities. We put people before profit and pay all artists regardless of their role or experience. We put collaboration at the heart of our work and consider all possibilities. We create our work with open minds, open arms and open hearts. We unite in our differences and treat everyone as equals. We never lose sight of the privilege to create art, we work with honesty and cut out the bullsh*t.



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Honest - adjective: “free of deceit; truthful and sincere”

Collaboration - noun: “the action of working with someone to produce something”

Creation - noun: “the action or process of bringing something into existence”